A Busy Mind

I'm the type of person who has to go back in the house three times before I actually drive out of the driveway. I forget the diaper bag. Then I realize I don't have my cell phone. Then I decide I should probably bring something for the boys to drink in case they're the type of humans who need hydration. Stuff like that.

Since I'm that type of person, you can probably guess that I'm also the type to wander around the house, forgetting why I'm in a certain room. I'll ask myself what I'm doing and be totally stumped. Then moments later I'll remember I was looking for my keys. I'll go back to searching only to have someone tell me that my keys are in my hand.

All of this could be because my mind is like a freight train, blasting past topic after topic. My freight train is moving at the speed of light. It will not stay in one town too long. Oh no. It moves on as if under siege by bandits.

Like this:
"Hmmm, I wonder if Ryan remembers that Asher has an appointment. Oh would you look at that, it sure is dirty, I should go get something to....Oh my, I just remembered that one time when I said that thing when that lady was cutting my hair, oh that was so embarrassing. Maybe Asher cries so much cause he's bored. Bored. What a funny sounding word. Or maybe something hurts. I hope nothing hurts. Or maybe I'm just paranoid. Did I ever put away those vitamins that were in the suitcase cause what if one of the boys found them....I should call mom, I totally forgot to ask her about....hey! what was that sound? Oh my, did Miles just murder Asher.....(investigating)....should I have done something differently during the constant crying months? Oh I hope he's going to be okay. Maybe I should call Mackenzie and see what they're doing tomorrow cause Miles could use some time with Olivia. Oh, I love this song. I should totally blog about this song. This is such a great song. It makes me think about that one time in the car with Kim. Oh Kim. I should call her. We haven't talked in a few days. Was I supposed to call her? Oh. I hope not. Maybe it looks like I didn't want to. Ugh, look at my toes, they are so old looking. I should really get a pedicure. Asher is crying again. Maybe something hurts. I wish I could figure out what....if I was in tune with him, maybe I would know. Should I know? Gosh, I've been so distracted, I feel like I haven't been paying any attention to the boys. What is that smell? It's like rotten food or something. But I cleaned out the fridge....when was that? Oh. I guess it was over the fourth. I should probably do it again. OW! Ugh, so many frickin' toys to step on. Did I change the laundry? I wonder if there's a new post on Twas Brillig, I hope so. When is Ryan coming home?"

Okay folks. That was your thirty seconds in my brain. Are you tired?

Me too.

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Jill said...

I think that maybe you are my long lost twin.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.
And leaving comments :D

Sabrina said...

I do that everyday. I totally have that, If you Give Mouse a Cookie disease.

charrette said...

Exhausted. Especially because I have run circles like that in MY OWN MIND all day before reading yours! In my next life I'm doing research on reverse heredity. Because I'm pretty sure I got ADHD from my KIDS! :)

Kelly @ Love Well said...

I'm new here, Heather, but MAN can I relate to this post. I call it Busy Brain. It's the pro and con of multitasking, I think. The pro is, I get a lot done. The con is, I can't focus on one thing to save my life!

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