Confessions of a Reformed Park-Party-Pooper

It has been many years since I found "amusement" parks amusing. Call me a park-party-pooper. Hot. Crowds. Sticky stuff on the ground to hop around. Reminds me of the state fair, which most people love, but not so much me. Lines. Sweat. Squinting...

Sometimes I would still go, even before I had kids, to humor my friends or family. While trudging along, I would look around at the families with small children and wonder why there were so many. I would wonder how it could be fun at all to chase toddlers through the crowds, change diapers in strange and dirty places, and stand in long lines with impatient wigglers. Sticky. Germs. Five dollars for thirty seconds on the merry-go-round. Ugh...

I would watch the little tots on the miniature cars, trains, and boats, waving as they went round and round in small circles. Cameras would be flashing, parents calling out their child's name over and over, trying to get the perfect photo moment.

And then I would get all judgemental, like most childless people do. I would simply wonder how there couldn't be something less annoying to do. I surely knew that when I had kids I would find something more simple and fun to do. Maybe I'd even be such a great and super mom that my family wouldn't have to resort to such silliness. I certainly would never waste my time and money on ridiculous, over-priced games with little to no chance of winning a thing. And believe you me, I would not be caught dead forking over a fortune for cotton candy, are you kidding me? What is it made of, spun gold?!?

Now flashback to yesterday with me, as our family started our day (6 bells, people. count 'em, 6. If not for getting up with Asher at 5:00am, maybe that wouldn't be so bad....) We went for a walk, played outside, played a million imaginary games, fought a few toddler battles, changed a few diapers, watched some PBS, visited the neighbors, went to a garage sale, went to Target...


and then it was noon.

And today we started our day around 6am once again. Ryan and I looked at each other and knew that we couldn't pass the time slowly again today without completely losing our minds.

So I have a confession. We not only went to a zoo/amusement park near our home, but we also hit the play place at the mall. (Picture me laughing out loud cause that's funny stuff.)

All I can say is that I totally get it now. When you are bone-tired and can't stop looking at the clock, you take desperate measures to entertain the masses while having huge chunks of time slip away unnoticed. And besides, you actually kind of like these once dreaded places because your kids are having an absolute blast, and you can't take your eyes off their grinning faces, sticky with cotton candy. (It was three dollars and fifty cents and totally worth it.)

(Yes, I realize I have a problem with run-on sentences, but I can't help it, I write how I talk and I can't stop the madness, sorry.)

Today I was that annoying mommy, standing next to the little cars going round and round, yelling "Miles!" over and over and snapping photos. I had to avoid a chewed up hot dog, glaring up at me from the cement, but I was there with my boys. And I don't regret it for a second.

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Becoming Me said...

I loved those pictures!! I'm glad you signed up for the blog tour. I'm excited to read your post.

charrette said...

I have to confess I'm STILL a park-party-pooper! Mention Chuck-E-Cheese and my kids counter, "You mean Yucky cheese?" or even "Up-chucky Cheese? That place is Pleasure Island. You'll turn into a donkey." (Which is true. You can watch your own child make the transformation if you're particularly observant.) Ask about McYouknowwho's Playland and they'll recite in chorus why we don't go there: "Half the kids need a diaper change, the windows are crusted with boogies, and everybody has the flu." (I said that once, ONCE mind you, and they've been quoting me for years.) But I have to admit the little train ride at the mall saved my sanity a time or two. You go, mom!

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