A Little Lift

NO, not the boobers. They are not lifted whatsoever. Stop thinking about that, we're moving on!

There's this great site called Mama Manifesto. I just thought I would mention that. Just for kicks. I'm just randomly mentioning Mama Manifesto. Like I said....for kicks. Maybe you should look at it (click right up there on "Mama Manifesto," I mean you know, for kicks). I'll wait right here....



Oh! Are you back? Good, glad you came back.

HAAA! What fun! Me. There. A post on Mama Manifesto. What fun.

Nice lady, Kristen, of the Manifesto (and other good things) seems really cool. I mean, I've never laid eyes on her in real life. But she writes really well, is genuine, funny and cute.

If not for the timing of my post showing up on Mama Manifesto (simply put-a day brightener for me), I may have counted this as one of the worst days I've had in a long time. No need to delve into that. Just a stinky day with some stinky relationship/communication stuff that hurts. Ugh. I think it's cool how God can give those little glimpses of His grace in the midst of ugly things. Day brighteners.

Kristen, thank you for stumbling across this lil' ol' blog and making a connection.

Now everyone, go bookmark (or what have you) Mama Manifesto. It's good stuff!

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charrette said...

You're funny. I love the way you persuaded me to click on that link and read your famous new post.
Congratulations by the way. Your post was brilliant and inspiring.

I left you a comment there, but I also wanted to link you to three of my posts with similar themes -- because we kind of seem to think along the same line, I've noticed today!

So...for what it's worth...

emily said...

WOW! Congrats Heath! Very exciting.

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