Guess What?

You'll notice today (if you feel like it) that a post of mine is over on Mama Manifesto (you subscribe to it, right? I know you do because it's great and hip and informative and encouraging). So anyway, having a post over there is pretty exciting for me. I've been reading and enjoying everything on the Mama Manifesto since the first time I saw it. I guess you could say it was love at first site. Ha! Get it? Site? Yup, wicked sense of humor, huh?

But the excitement? It gets better. Why, you ask?

I have been asked to contribute to Mama Manifesto on a regular basis!

I couldn't be more flattered at the request, or more honored to be a part of such a great adventure.

Yes. Me. Little ol' Heather of the EO. I can't even stand it. So check it out and stuff. I really am a big fan of the Mama Manifesto. I'm a firm believer that encouraging other moms is one of the best things to do with the internet. The Manifesto is doing just that and much more.

P.S. I'm not only overly excited, but also just a wee bit nervous. What if they just had a little lapse in judgement asking me to do this? What if they fire me? What if I embarrass them?
My picture will not be as great as those beautiful photos of the Mamas! You know, stuff like that. Just ending with a little bit of honesty for you there. Thank you.

P.S. (again) I really will do the post I promised yesterday soon. Our family members are here helping us finish up the details on our addition today and I should really be helping. These people are a good example of what I talked about yesterday, doing something to help someone else. Not that our family is in the state of need as many others in the world, but in the words of Dar Williams, every act of kindness echoes, all over the world.

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The Mama's said...

Well I, for one, am THRILLED! We are so glad to have you on board.

And I find that if you hold a sign in front of your face, it is very flattering!

Kimberly said...

I kind of wondered when I saw you had another fabulous post up there! If anything, babe, the lovely Mama's are going to have trouble keeping up with you! Your writing is heartfelt and so relevant to other mothers that I get teary or giggly when I read your posts. You're in good company over there, but they're lucky to have you!

joolee said...

Congrats Heather of the EO! How exciting:) I keep forgetting to ask you what EO stands for? And hey, if you can look like a total hottie after going thru labor and major surgery, I'm sure it won't be necessary to hide behind a piece of cardboard.

Becky said...

How cool! You totally deserve it, and now I'll have to check it out.

MoziEsmé said...


charrette said...

Wow, Heather. What an honor! They chose well. I love reading your heartfelt and thought-provoking writing. I can see why they want you on a regular basis...those of us on your feed want a little dose of Heather every day!

charrette said...

Oh, and I love Mother Theresa and Dar Williams!

Jenny said...

Heather, COOL! I just subscribed. :)

The Three 22nds said...

How exciting! I have never looked at it before, but I will now!

Kelly @ Love Well said...


They picked the perfect writer. Now I have yet another reason to love the Mama Manifesto.

The Mama's said...

We are the ones pinching ourselves because you are joining us.

Mamas united - few things are more beautiful!


JustRandi said...

Woowoo! Congratulations@! I'm looking forward to reading many posts over there from you!

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