Sunday Suck Ups

Another Sunday? How'd that happen?

So here I am, all excited to introduce you to another two really, really great blogs. For the first time ever in my whole life, I'm going to get right to the point:

Confessions of a Novice
You can be sure that each and every post is something great. Elle doesn't post every day like, I don't know, say...ME? It's like she waits for her very best ideas (I'm sure she has millions) and posts something that's unique, charming, witty and perhaps even powerful. She says she's a novice at a lot of things. But it appears to me she's quite good at those things. Elle has a gift for writing. If there were a recipe for blogging, Elle would have all the perfect fresh ingredients, and she'd know exactly how to measure them all out, serving up something unique and tasteful every time! (ah, a blogging analogy- and a true one!)

I started reading Heidi's "Hadleyesque" when I first started blogging. And I will never stop reading it, I tell you! Never! This was the first blog that had me laughing all by myself, and had Ryan saying "what are you doing?" And me saying, "Listen to this...LISTEN....aaaah, ha ha ha...." We all need a good laugh, right? Here's one of my favorites for you. Heidi is so funny, and on top of that she has the ability to give you a dose of something wise, along with a clear picture of the love she has for her family. I'm also jealous of her mad grammar skills-she's like totally a former English teacher or like, something. And I'm totally not. So go check her out and leave comments describing any experiences you or anyone you know has had with alligators.

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Minnesota Matron said...

Thanks for the tips. . . I am, sadly, a time-consuming sucker for good reads, in any format!

MoziEsmé said...

I love checking out your links!

There is an award on my blog for you.

dani said...

hi, heather:) i saw where you had stopped by my blog... i was thrilled that you dropped a line!!!
i hope you are having a wonderful labor day weekend.

Heidi said...

Well, if that doesn't make me feel like a movie star, I don't know what will.

Thanks. I wish I could be all modest and stuff, but you know me better than that, so I won't bother.

But I am totally flattered. Thanks.

Elle said...

Wow - thank you for that. I'm touched and flattered and honestly getting a little misty. Now I feel like I should actually go post something so anyone who heads over has something to read!

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