Such a Happy Show

Well, the Jim Henson folks have done it again! I'm in love with this show. I want to go back in time and greet my friends at school like this every day. Or maybe not, but I'll imagine it. Just for kicks.

I think we've entered a Sid the Science Kid Labor Day marathon. We may need to get things done, and maybe we should be outside on this beautiful day, but we can't stop. We just can't stop. The characters are hilarious. Some of the voices are so ridiculous, I can't stop mimicking them.

Someday when I drop Miles at school, I am totally going to act like Sid's mom, dancing and giggling. Until Miles tells me to stop. Like after the first time I do it.

I am such a huge fan of PBS, people. It just keeps getting better. First Sesame Street and then Curious George. And now Sid! Oh how my heart swells with love for muppets, puppets, and cartoon characters.

Gotta go now. Miles is dancing around with Sid and I'm missing out!

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Kelly @ Love Well said...

Good news: The "Sid the Science Kid" marathon is over.

Bad news: I'm still inside watching PBS with my kids. ("Clifford" just started. Who can resist "Clifford," even if we have seen every episode 48 times?)

Must. Turn. Off. TV.

Last. Day. Of. Summer.

Kimberly said...

Nifty! I haven't seen that one here yet!

Elle said...

I am so with you!! But I'm asd that Caillou is on so early... I miss him.

Jenny said...

Stay inside. It's hot out.

Sid looks cute! We've been without PBS for so long while our family room was being finished, that I haven't turned it on yet since we actually have a tv again! good tip!

Abra said...

Thanks for the ((hug)) I was a mess yesterday! Better now though. That's cute! I've never seen it before! I'm going to keep my eyes peeled for it though.

Abra said...

PS. My kids apparently are more with it than I. I showed it to Deklan and we was all: "Yeah, I watch that with Kai somtimes. They're kinda creepy. Oh, and we watch it at Daycare lots. It's kinda funny though."

charrette said...

Heather, you DO greet your friends that way every day. You put up a rockin' blog post and the feed goes out, figuratively announcing to everyone in a very upbeat way, "I'm lookin' for my friends." And we join in the dance.

(I love Jim Henson and the whole muppet world too.)

K and/or K said...

maybe i did see "grandma" "raising the roof" in the car with her arm that wasn't on the steering wheel...maybe i did! :-)

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