Giveaway Winner

My mom and dad were here this weekend. They helped vacuum and dust, clean up leaves, scrub floors, do laundry, cook, do dishes...OH! And they helped me choose the lucky winner of my giveaway.

My dad even wrote down all the numbers from 1 to 68, the total number of comments. Then he drew one of the numbers:I then had to count (very carefully) through each comment until I got to number 41. That was very tiring.

Sooner or later I said, "37. 38. 39. 40. 41!"

And the winner is...mrs. mcb!

Congratulations. You've won the "Rocks in the Sun" book by Troy Livesay.

(If I don't hear from mrs. mcb by noon on Monday, the 3rd, I'll choose another winner.)

(Back to "regular" posting tomorrow.)

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LisAway said...

Is it bad if I'm reeeeeally hoping she doesn't read this by tomorrow?

Mrs. McB said...

I wanted to check and make sure you received my e-mail. Thanks!

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