I'm so excited!!! I had an idea!!!

Because MOMS ROCK!!!

(By the way, I don't believe that every woman needs to birth a baby to become that mother.
Some mothers adopt, and others simply love and nurture those around them, in or outside their homes.)

That said,

Moms rock.

And because Moms rock, I had this idea. I wanted the things women do to be recognized. At least on a small bloggy scale. I notice so many beautiful things Moms do as I peruse the blogosphere each week. Thing done to nurture, love, inspire, and create. I wanted to find a way (besides in the comments) to tell women that their work is noticed, and that it inspired me.

A few months ago I asked moms to answer two questions- what is something you feel you're doing well as a mother, and what is one area where you feel you're failing? It was much easier for Moms to come up with what they feel they're NOT doing well. That fueled this idea because I wanted to come up with a way to help Moms start to focus on the positive things about themselves.

So this big, earth-shattering movement was about to begin...(am I building this up too much? Oh well.)

Once a week, I'm going to give that recognition with this:

Is it an award? Not really. There are no rules and no one is required to pass it on. I just hope you will. Think of it as more like a magnet or button for your shirt. Like I'm right there in person, handing you a little gift that says MOMS ROCK.

I'll simply start recognizing people with this button, to let them know that I thought something they said or did rocked the party. Then they can choose to put the button in their sidebar or not. Make sense? I don't generally make sense so let me know if this is all just a confusing jumble of words.

I have to give credit to Kristina P. She's the reason I had this idea. One of her comments said something like, "there should be some sort of award for moms." It's true, most Moms don't get a lot of praise. So that's where this idea began. Thank you, Kristina! I'm "handing" you one of the first buttons. Not only because you gave me this idea, but because of your encouraging comments around the blogosphere. You take the time to let people know you think they're cool, and I see you noticing the little things and commenting on them. Besides that, you're keeping us all laughing with your posts! So you rock. You may not have kids, but you've got some excellent mothering skills. (:

Then just this morning joolee made me say, "Wow, she rocks" as I read her post. She is busy with FOUR little girls, yet she took the time to attempt a castle cake for her daughter's fourth birthday. AND she made the coolest birthday banner. That rocks. So joolee, I'm giving you this button to let you know you rock the party!

If you two would like to show off your buttons, feel free! You can email me or comment that you'd like the code and I'll get it to you. Anyone is welcome to the code, just let me know and I'll get it to you so you can give out buttons and/or put the button in your sidebar to promote this "movement." :)
update: I've been informed you can "drag" the button to your site. I have no clue about these things. You just have my blog open and another window open with your template/layout in view. Then you click and drag the image to where you want it in your sidebar. If this doesn't make sense, just ask and I'll give better instructions. Hopefully.

I'll give out more buttons next week! I can't wait!

(The cool button was created by the talented Summer. Check her out for your bloggy needs. Thank you, Kim of Temporary?Insanity, for the recommendation!)

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Kristina P. said...

Heather, you are so sweet! Always thinking of others.

And I may not have children of my own, but I love working with kids and sometimes, unfortunately, acting as a surrogate parent for teenagers.

So, thank you Heather. You really are a role model for mothers and someday mothers.

LisAway said...

What a fab idea, Heather! I love it.
And I think Kristina deserves it for reading posts of all these mothers and never once rolling her eyes about them. At least not that we can see, and quite the contrary, expressing interest and enthusiasm!

And who needs code when you can just drag it from here? Don't other people do that, or is it just me?

joolee said...

Aww Heather. You're the greatest! Is it incredibly lame that this little bit of recognition has totally made my day!? But I can't help but wonder if you're secretly laughing at all the people you're sending on over to look at my LAME-O excuse of a castle cake. Who cares......I'm honored that the famous Heather of the EO took time out to recognize lil ol me:) Thanks!

BTW....I think you rock the party too! I love how you leave a little trail of happy comments as you hike thru Bloggyland. YOU, my friend, make this world a brighter place.

Rachel said...

Love this idea Heather...love the support, encouragement, affirmation, validation, and recognition that goes along with it...which all us mommies need from time to time. Thanks for thinking of others during a time that is stressful and difficult with Asher.

Sara@ Butterville said...

Way cool!
YEAH, Moms do rock!

Sabrina said...

You rock!!!
(i was going to say something totally Sabro immature, like Your mom rocks... but i think you would agree with that, and it wouldnt be that funny. and then all your mommy friends would say, Who is that sabrina girl and why is she so weird all the time!)

But you do rock!

Jillene said...

Mom's do ROCK!! What a great idea--so I guess that means that YOU ROCK!!

Melanie J said...

I second, third, and seventh all the other comments. We totally deserve this. Great idea!

Erin said...

You are fabulous Heather. This is such a great idea. I'm keeping my eyes wide open for all of the other wonderful mothers out there...

Abra said...

Super Idea Heather!
Look at you with all your new and innovative ideas all the time,
I think you should give yourself a MOM'S ROCK button.

Steph @ Diapers and Divinity said...

You have a good brain, Heather. Moms everywhere need a little more love. Stick one of those awards on your shirt for today. :)

Heidi Ashworth said...

You are amazing! With everything you have going on, you still take the time to think of other people. That rocks!

Blessed said...

What an awesome idea - Moms do rock!

Brooke said...

What a fantastic idea! Kristina totally deserves this award. She makes me laugh out loud every post. You are such a sweet person to think of this. I hope you've given yourself this button.

Growin' with it! said...

aww heather...YOU rock!

Kazzy said...

What kind of deal did you swing to get more than 24 hours in your day? I don't know how you do it. That is a happy button!

Debbie said...

Another great idea from Heather! That's why I am so happy in life - you think and I don't have to. Love the button.

Tooj said...

It's funny that you should be giving this award out. Every time I come here to read and I see the picture of you kissing your son, I always think I'm a bad mother because I have very few pictures of me WITH my kids. I'm not in very many at all, they'll never remember me! LOL

Anonymous said...

You, Heather, Rock The Party!!

Love your button (how do you DO that??) and the links!

Blessings, Whitney

Pink Ink said...

Great idea. I love the fact that you can pass this on or not.

Why IS it so hard for us to say nice things about ourselves?

Becky said...

I love that Kristina P. gave you this idea! I think it's so important to realize that great moms are anywhere and everywhere; they don't have to have children of their own to be fabulous moms.

CC said...

Yep. We DO rock. (This is why I like Flair on Facebook!)

Lisa @ Crazy Adventures in Parenting said...

That's awesome! So we don't award this, we just take it and add it to our sidebar? (haven't had enough coffee today yet.....) :)

Don't know how to do the 'drag thing' either ;)

Lisa @ Crazy Adventures in Parenting said...


That rocks my socks! How???????????? nevermind.. I won't understand it anyway LOL!!!!

Peanut said...

Great idea Heather! Mothering can be such a thankless job... we all need to be encouraging each other. You rock!

Motherboard said...

This is fabulous! Just fabulous!

We Mothers need a pat on the back once in a while... YOU rock, you know it, right??

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