A cabin fever story with some picture parts

You know it's cold when your husband goes to warm up his car and the door is so frozen, it stops working. It becomes a non-closing door. Then you have to bundle up your kiddos at nap time and drive the needs-to-fly-away-for-work-again husband to the airport. And even though it's totally annoying, you know it's not his fault. You graciously forgo naps so he doesn't have to drive away in a car with an open door, freezing wind blowing across his face.

This surprise trip to the airport does cause a missed nap for the youngest, so you spend the cold day indoors while he does this:

And this:

(He's actually feeling much better these days, by the way. We're all so relieved for him. He's more content and playful. At least when he's had his nap. So we're pretty sure his noggin is adjusting to the shunt. (Why does that have to be what it's called? Weird word.) So YAY!)

Anyway, I digress.

You know it's cold when the furnace rarely ever takes a break, and you really know it's cold when you step outside to get the mail and find you can't move.

And you know it's cold when you hear the furnace click on yet again, and realize your drying skin may just flake off in sheets. You know, like a snake skin.

No, no, no I'm not really complaining. Just sharing. I realize waaaay below freezing temperatures are not the worst thing to deal with. Especially when you have a furnace working over-time and blankets to climb under.

After all, I did meet someone yesterday who may not have those things. I was getting back in my car after dropping Miles at a play date down the street (yes, it's that cold, I DROVE down the street), when I was approached by a man saying, "Excuse me" over and over. I turned to see what he needed and he (and I'm not making this up) said "I need five dollars for some ice cream."

, ya know what? That's just plain silly. I'm the type of person who would fork over five bucks if someone asked. I try to give people the benefit of the doubt. Maybe they really do need formula for their baby or gas to get to work, who am I to judge? But ICE CREAM? It's NEGATIVE TEN (don't even get me started on the wind chill) AND YOU'RE ASKING ME FOR MONEY FOR ICE CREAM? I don't know, man.

But I do know it's cold these days. And I do know that means we have some major cabin fever going on over here.

So we made a robot:
Daddy in robot-Not quite his size

And we're also trying new recipes to pass the time. Check this out:

I realize you can't really tell what this is, so I'll tell you.
I saw this recipe over at funny girl and had to try it. It's a snack mix with popcorn, fritos corn chips, and corn pops. I don't know if it has a name. Besides YUM. You make it extra-sweet-and-salty-yummy by melting white chips and pouring them over the mix (oh, and stirring it). It sounds really weird, but it's amazing! (That was my way of sharing a recipe. If you want the actual recipe, you should visit funny girl.)

I do want to name this snack mix something cool with "corn" in the title, if you want to help me out. If I choose your suggestion, I'll tell all of blogland (or at least a tiny little part of it) how cool you are.

I must also confess that when it's this cold, I'm not constantly "baking" and creating costumes and playing superheros. Nope. PBS is my friend:

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Debbie said...

Five dollars for ice cream? That's just wrong.
I left to go sub the other day and had my youngest with me. The sliding door on my van was frozen shut so he had to climb in the front and then climb over. Then, we went to pick up the carpool and they had to do the same thing. Fun times.

Baronessblack said...

Looks good! How about calling it corn-ucopia? Or is that too corny?!

Brooke said...

I'm so glad that someone else's friend is PBS on days like this. It's only been -2 here, but we do have wind chill also, all the time. So sorry you're miserable in the cold. It is nice to have a furnace and blankets, though. What a cute boy. I'm sure his crying is not so cute to you anymore after all of it, but he sure looks cute in those pictures.

K and/or K said...

Ice Cream man is sad. Is he confused?

My snack name:
Corn Cruch for Brrrrrrrrrlow Numb Tundra Cold!

LisAway said...

Want to know something gross? Of course you do! These days my face is peeling so badly I could never wander anywhere and get lost because I leave a trail of skin flakes everywhere I go. It's really quite handy. Or it will be, if I ever get lost.

I would call that stuff "corn three ways and melted vanilla chips all stirred together surprise." except maybe without the "surprise" because with that name, there is no surprise. And then I would eat the whole batch.

Sara@ Butterville said...

Oh man am I laughing right now! I'm laughing because everything you said about the cold... I get it! I'm livin' in it too. I walk around in slippers and a bathrobe OVER my clothes cause I can't bare to turn up the heat...no it's not the heat, it's the heating bill...I can't bare to open that thing!! We have space heaters in everyroom. I love winter, snow...but this below zero crap! ARGH!

Kate Coveny Hood said...

Okay - that ice cream thing is hilarious. Once when I was with a friend at a flea market in NYC, she saw a homeless man (like - he looked like he was dead homeless man) holding a sign that said, "please help - I'm hungry." So she bought him some fresh fruit at a nearby stand. When she tried to give it do him, he just handed it back in disgust and said, "what is this? I want some money so I can buy Chinese food." She was irate. I was beside myself with laughter. But I think that requiring ice cream in freezing cold temperatures wins!

Heidi Ashworth said...

How about Super Amazing White Chocolate Heaven? Sorry it's so darn cold~ It's been bad here, too--we actually have snow on our mountain. A lot of it--so that is kind of exciting! sooooo glad Asher is feeling better but I have to say those pics of him were hysterical!

Rachel said...

Wow...yesterday MY husband's door broke as well...he had to drive home from work holding it closed...in the middle of a storm....you and I freakishly go through very similar things in life! Fun, huh?

RosyRose said...

The guy and the ice cream thing....that is LOL funny! Who knew someone might need to buy Ice Cream when they could just grab an Icicle dunk it in some milk and call it good!
I am so glad Asher is feeling better...no one wants to be stuck inside with grumpies!

Keyona said...

Oh dear Lord that looks good. "Xtr3eme Corn Mix" is what I'm gonna call it. I watch Numb3rs. So I thought it would be cool to add the 3 as the E since there are 3 types of corn...ok I'm rambling now. I'm going to stop now, but I am going to make that, tonight!

Steph @ Diapers and Divinity said...

I feel your pain, Heather. I would type more but my fingers are frozen. (3 cheers for PBS!)

Jillene said...

I am SO glad that the noggin is feeling better!!

I think you should name the delicious treat Cornholio.

Abra said...

Yay for Asher feeling better. And girl, don't even get me started about the weather -40 yesterday morning (with the windchill) That's even -40 for you guys... That's COLD!!!!!
I'd call it a Winter Corn Mix...
Or Frosted Winter Mix - I know that doesn't have corn in it... but that's what I'd call it.
Yup. Nix the first one.

And if ONLY I could get my kids to watch TV.
Yesterday, I had to ban them from the XBOX and then they had to "SIT AND WATCH TV UNTIL YOUR DAD GETS HOME!"

I'm such a mean mom!

Lara said...

I guess the whole country has been overcome by arctic air, or so I read this morning.

Last year my husband's car door froze shut, and when he tried to open it, the handle broke. He had to get in from the passenger side for like a month until we could get it fixed.

Bonnie Lewis said...

part of me says, how fun, cold weather and bundling up. then the other part of me realizes i do that now and it's fifty and raining. im proud of you for getting up. i just wouldn't.

Sabrina said...

What? It's cold outside? I think its rather balmy. Do you hate me?
The cold doesnt bother me as much as the snow!
I came home from work last night and ate another one of your oreo delight chocolate covered goodness treats... mmmmmm!!!

Becky said...

My favorite is when you breathe in and your nose goop (for lack of better term - oh wait, don't they call it snot?) freezes together, welding your nostrils shut for a second. Awesome.

Kristina P. said...

I really love it when I go through the drive thru and realize that neither my window will roll down, nor will my door open. Delightful.

Kimberly said...

So glad to hear Asher's improving.

It's -40 here and PBS is very much my friend.

Although, I rearranged the furniture in the girl's bedrooms yesterday and it's revitalized their play quite a bit. It's 10am and the tv is still off. Woot!

Nina said...

I really hate the cold weather. One part I hate the most is the dry skin this time of year. The humidity levels in my house are so low it is awful.

That recipe sounds different but you make it sound yummy. I love the sweet and salt mix. Sorry I suck at name ideas.

Kazzy said...

The photos of Asher were so so cute! Of course, I don't have to hear the poor guy screaming in pain all day. :(

I am with you on the flaky skin thing. And the horrible hang nails, etc. I go through so much lotion.

Stonefox (otherwise known as Heidi) said...

Ice cream? Good gracious, what is this world coming to? Are you sure there wasn't a video camera around somewhere?

Well I couldn't believe that you visited my blog. I keep hearing about you from TM and was honored when you visited and commented. Maybe I'll have to blog about this, girl. I'm that excited.

happygeek said...

OH summer how we miss you.
But at least we have funny posts like this to keep us warm (that and the magic that is PBS kids.)

MommyTime said...

Ah, your days are much like mine: building robots, baking, a little lovely Noggin break (the channel, not the body part)... I can really relate. I'm so glad Asher is feeling better!

That Girl in Brazil said...

How about C-c-c-CORN. Like, ch-ch-ch-chia!

Nope. Pretty dumb.

I like cornocopia!

charrette said...

I like cornucopia too.

I thought maybe Christmas Corn-aments.

It's 40 here (positive, not negative. I have no room to complain. Even though I backed into somebody's car in my very own driveway tonight. Lame.

I should have been inside watching PBS!
Glad Asher's doing better.

Peanut said...

Mmmmm... I think I'm going to have to try making that!

Glad to hear Asher's doing a little better. He's adorable even when he's missed his nap (in pictures at least!) I get grumpy about missed naps too.

We've been cold here too. Not cold enough to make our doors stop working, but cold enough to make me miserable.

I don't get PBS, but the Canadian equivalent, kids CBC is getting a lot of playtime these days.

a Tonggu Momma said...

I'm sorry y'all are so cold. I would complain, but I don't think it's fair to complain to someone who lives in Minnesota.

The one time I visited MN, it was Christmas and about 40 below. And the people on TV were complaining because local officials canceled the Christmas parade. Umm... are they CRAZY?

katy (aka funny girl) said...

Oh Heather, you have made me very happy this morning. I, too, felt that "corny snack mix" didn't really do it justice, and I actually had a little chat with myself about how if I was REALLY a funny girl I could come up with something better than that.

For me the top contender is Christmas Cornaments, because I love a good play on words. Although I'll probably be humming c-c-c-corn all day long.

Stay warm, chica!!

Domestic Extraordinaire said...

That stuff sounds so yummy, I will have to make some and then I will have a suggestion for you.

Glad to hear that Asher is feeling better, hopefully he continues to improve.

Heather Smith said...

I don't know about the guy asking for the ice cream. Apparently that was the addiction that drove him to the streets in the first place. Kudos to you for not enabling his ice cream desires!! LOL.
As for a name for your snack: How about Corn-poration - Where all the corn comes together for the common good!! LOL!
Glad Asher is doing better! And shunt IS a weird word.

Julie said...

I call mine "Christmas Corn Crunch" or sometimes "Santa's Corn Crunchies"

Rebecca said...

How thoughtful of you not to let your husband freeze! I know how much a sacrifice giving a child's nap up entails.

For your mix, how about Corny Stuff? It sounds tasty, that's for sure.

Or maybe Candy Corned? Or Corn Delight, Cornilicious, Corny Mix, Corned Corn, Corn on the Lob (if you throw it?) Ok, I think I'm done now.

(BTW, I came over from Blogger's Annex.)

Rebecca said...

Here's another one...since they have Puppy Chow, how about Crow Chow? Scarecrow Food? Pig Chow?

Ok, I'll leave now.

Growin' with it! said...

workin' with what you've got! way to be creative. and oh how i long for the pbs days. although spongebob is way better than barney let me tellya!

meg said...

I found this recipe over at Funny Girl and have made it not once, but twice!! SO YUMMMY!!! My friends and neighbors are all addicted now, too. We have therefore dubbed it CORNY CRACK. Because its so darn addictive. No Christmas in the title because my friends and I will be making it through out the year!

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