Camping for Tuesday and Rock'n around the perfect tree

In recent months I might have turned into a total nut case if not for this lovely blogging community I've become addicted to had the honor to become a part of. I just love it. So now I'm going to jump up and down, pointing at a few of you who knocked my socks off this week (please picture that, but remember I don't jump very high anymore, and if I have to point at the same time as I jump, it would look pretty ridiculous because I'm so not coordinated.)

But I digress. We were talking about YOU:

Brooke at Life in the Sagebrush allowed her children to totally take charge of decorating the Christmas tree. All by themselves, just as they wanted to do it. (I think it turned out great.) I love it when Moms set aside how they'd like to do things and allow their children to create great Christmas memories. Brooke, you rock! Go check her out. If there were a "nicest person in all of blog land" award, she'd be in the running, I'm sure of it.

Because of Asher's recent medicalness (that's totally a word), I'm finding myself more and more touched by families struggling with chronic illness. So my attention was immediately grabbed and my heart skipped a beat over the amazing thing going on over at just like camping.

Please take a moment of your time and go camping...er, I mean, go over to just like camping (I LOVE this blog) and comment on the most recent post. T h a i t r a i t and her husband Boo Radley (wouldn't that be great if those were their real names?) are donating money to a little girl named Tuesday who's fighting cancer. For every comment left, there's a little more help for Tuesday and her family. That's all you have to do to help, just comment. Easy peasy. (And if I go check tomorrow and none of my blog friends have commented I'll probably flop down on the floor and kick and scream and who wants that, so you should just do it.)

More than anything, Tuesday's family could use your thoughts and prayers. They have a long road of procedures ahead. To read Tuesday's story, you can check out her mom's blog, go blog yourself. (But first go to just like camping (click on just like camping above, in red letters), there's a link to go blog yourself from there. So you can make your comment and then go read more about Tuesday (I explain too much.))

I have to drive this point home: These blogs are excellent. Have I ever steered you wrong?
Totally worth your time.

As you've probably guessed, these three blogs (and the people behind them) are who I'm honoring this week by telling them they rock. So here you are ladies:

Here's the deal with the big black circle:
-The purpose of the Moms Rock button is to give Moms some needed recognition for the loving things they do, big or small.
-When I give it to someone, I don't expect them to do much of anything.
-But if they feel compelled, they can put the button in their sidebar and pass it on to another Mom whenever they'd like.
-There really are no actual rules.

(the code is in my sidebar under the Moms Rock button.)

And remember, you DON'T have to receive the button to give it to someone. You know, grab the code and share the love and stuff.

Now get out of here and go tell these people they rock. Because they do. Happy weekend!

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Erin said...

I need to let go and let my kids be in charge more often. Brooke is awesome (and she's my sister, so I love her even more)!

And, I'm on my way right now over to just like camping...

t h a i t r a i t said...

I am going to cry! You are so wonderful!

mrs. boo radley

Debbie said...

I will go check these great blogs out! And I haul the boxes up and let the kids have it every year. I love what they come up with. Although they are a little too preoccupied with tradition for me. They always want everything to be the same as last year. I like to mix it up!

Brooke said...

Oh, you are just so sweet! You made me misty eyed. This is an award that I truly appreciate, as I don't feel like I rock most days. I know that we would be friends in real life if we were given the chance. (not that blogging isn't real life, but you know what I mean). I feel like we get each other. Thanks again!

Izzy 'N Emmy said...

Great award! I'll have to keep in mind. I come across quite of few rocking mommies!

Lara said...

Brooke is totally deserving!

She is a better mom than I...I cannot relinquish the control of the tree...the hope is that someday we will have enough room to have two trees. One for them to do all by themselves, and one for me.

Becky said...

Okay, I'm glad you reminded me about the button, because I've been meaning to stick it on my blog. But I just tried it and can't do it!! Arggg!

Just copy the code and stick in an html gadget thingy, right?

I'm so technologically stunted...

Elizabeth said...

You are so good at encouraging others. I'm going now to check out those blogs. If you love them, they have to be great.

I'm also adding the Moms Rock button to my blog. I absolutely love it and your reasons for it!

Heidi Ashworth said...

I saw lots of your bloggy friends over helping out Tuesday--like her, I have a twin sister. I just know that if I lost her, I would have a big hole in my heart. Look at what the power of (your) love can do!

Cynthia said...

I'll go and add my prayers and good thoughts. As a Mom who was lucky enough to have her daughter's life saved by a miracle, I know that God can and does hear and answer our prayers. Of course, the next part of that saying is "but it's through another person that he meets our needs". I'll go see what I can do to be one of those 'meeting their needs'.

Octamom said...

I adore Mizz Boo Rad at justlikecamping and am so thrilled to see her blog and her efforts for Tuesday highlighted here--thank you!


Kristina P. said...

I agree! These bloggers do rock! Good choices.

Kazzy said...

Just read the blogs. Gulp. I am glad you recognized them. Great choices. I had never read either of these blogs before. Where have I been?

It is good to get perspective, isn't it. Thanks.

Kate Coveny Hood said...

You are so sweet Heather! But I'm feeling a little badly about my Christmas Tree Nazi-ness...

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