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Recently I wrote about how I want to start some incredibly wonderful, exciting, appealing and memorable traditions for Christmas. I joked about how I wanted to do that so that my boys will continue to visit me on Christmas for the rest of my life. But aside from the joking (mostly), I really do want to create memories through traditions through the years, so I've been keeping my eyes open around the blogosphere.

I also remembered to continue to give people this:Usually I forget stuff that I had good intentions of doing, but not this time. No way. Uh uh...
I can't forget my very own button. It's really pretty impossible to forget that Moms Rock, so I didn't forget. Now let's get on with it and recognize some rockin' Moms:

You can imagine my excitement (grinning at computer) when I read a post that helped me with ideas for Christmas traditions from a mom who rocks!

So today I want to honor my friend, Jessica of one wild and precious life for this post (and the beautiful mothering heart it expresses). There are some great thoughts and ideas there. Check it out! And her most recent post too - WOW. Her writing is just plain great, and so are her thoughts. Jess rocks!

And another person I want to recognize is Becky of On top of the world (or at least really far north). Becky is taking a little break from blogging in order to focus on stuff like, um...her family! I always respect that because I did it once and it's like trying to quit heroine. (Not that I actually know what that's like, but I imagine it totally stinks.) Anyway, Becky writes about this decision here, another great post. And then the most recent post is written by her appreciative husband, and it's just the sweetest thing. Becky, not that you're going to read this, but you (and your husband) rock!

I explained this whole new button thing before, but I think my explanation was pretty lame. Quite a few people asked good questions and now I'll answer them:

-the purpose of Moms Rock is to give Moms some needed recognition for the loving things they do, big or small.
-when I give it to someone, I don't expect them to do much of anything.
-BUT, if they want to, they can put the button in their sidebar AND/OR pass it on to another Mom whenever they'd like. Or they could do a post bragging about how someone noticed that they did something cool. Like I said, if they want to, but they don't HAVE to. There really are no actual rules.

(the code is in my sidebar under the Moms Rock button.)

And to answer the most-asked question:

You DON'T have to receive the button to put it in your sidebar or to give it to someone else. I'm just passing some out each week because it's fun. So you can grab the code and let a Mom know you noticed something she did for someone else (inside or outside her family) anytime you'd like. I would like to just say DO IT. DO IT NOW. But I don't want to pressure you...
I'll just say that I have to hold myself back from giving out about twenty a week because I notice so many great things people do. So you could help me out if you'd like by taking the button and giving it to someone. I mean, you could, you don't HAVE to... Since Moms need encouragement and stuff. Not that I'm pressuring you, so I'll stop now. (but just do it.)

Let me know if I'm still be confusing.

I have a tendency to ramble and make no sense, which should come as NO surprise to you.
Asher is doing great. I'm going to post a little video of him this weekend. He rocks.

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Kristina P. said...

I love Becky and her blog. She really does rock!

Lara said...

I also love Becky's blog. I will have to check out this other one, too. :)

Erin said...

I completely understand your explanation, which I don't see as rambling at all.

Moms Rock! And you rock too!

Heidi Ashworth said...

THere are suddenly a whole heck of a lot of rocks around the blogosphere (because you rock!) Not too original, is it?

Kazzy said...

My own mom rocks the casbah! If she blogged you would love it! Can I give one to her?

LisAway said...

Love that you're doing this. I'm going to keep my eyes open for a post the proves the awesomeness of some mother and give her the button!

Peanut said...

Those moms DO rock! This is such a great idea of yours :)

Glad to hear Asher is doing great. We'll keep praying :)

Muthering Heights said...

What a sweet idea!

Kate Coveny Hood said...

Heather - how do you have time for this? You're amazing.

charrette said...

Great choices, both of these. (I love Becky, and I think Jessica is the best-kept secret in Blogland.) :)

I also love that you are so generous with your rules and your button. I wish I could give one to every single woman on my blogroll. They (you) all amaze me!

Growin' with it! said...

what a fantastic idea. we all need lovin' and encouragement in blogging and this is a great way to remind others how much we love them!

Debbie said...

Happiness is reading that Asher is doing great!!

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