Project 365- January 11-17

Posted on Sunday~January 18th, 2009

A week of memories at the House of EO (and pretty much nowhere else because who in their right mind goes anywhere but to work and school when it's this FREEZING?)

It's no secret that we are experiencing some VERY cold weather here. And lots of snow. But it may have been a secret that we didn't put anything away this fall.
What is WRONG with us?

Have I mentioned that it's cold? Here's Miles, ready to head off to school.
Oh, how he loves his coat.

This intriguing photo is my bed with a mountain of laundry on it. I wish this picture could capture how BIG that mountain really is. By the end of the day,
I had climbed to the highest peak. I'm a conqueror!

I emptied the dishwasher and came back to the living room to find the entire couch covered in blue streaks. Nice. Thank God for washable markers.

And the culprit? I'll give you two guesses:

Yup, the Ash Man did it.
Here he is, fresh from a much needed blue streak removing bath.

After scrubbing the couch (and the child), I got to go out to dinner with a friend.
(I was kind of excited, can you tell?)
I love my family and all, but I also love leaving all by myself occasionally.
(I guess this means I'm out of my mind because I went somewhere even though it's FREEZING. What can I say? Cabin fever, piles of laundry, and marker on the couch will make you do CRAZY things, like venturing out in -20 F temps)

This week, we became addicted acquainted with a game called Farkle. This is Uncle K. and Miles rolling the die (Is it die when it's plural? Sounds silly.) What a fun game!
Thank you Linda, for the recommendation.

And finally. Remember how I said that no matter how hard I try to fight it, my boys seem to have an innate desire to play guns/shooting/aiming/fighting. Here's an example for you. Look at that FACE. I promise he's NOT as dangerous as he looks.

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Kristina P. said...

Boys really will turn anything into a gun. It's inevitable.

Glad you had a night to yourself!

CC said...

cute! I think I've already given up on my 365 photos since I never have my camera with me.... Need good camera phone.

LisAway said...

Die is singular, dice is plural. I thought the blue streaks looked kind of pretty. Maybe because it wasn't my couch.

Cynthia said...

It looks like you're surviving those awful temperatures. Yikes! I hate it when it gets really cold.

And I'll second your praise for washable markers. We've had our share of kid disasters around here too.

PsychMamma said...

The snow looks vaguely familiar, as does the pile of laundry. We had our own adventure with marks on a cream-colored leather chair, except it was ballpoint ink. Ugh. (Hubby left a pin within toddler reach. Grrr...)

I LOVE your expression on the way out the door for a night away. It also looks eerily familiar..... Hee!

Happy weekend!

MidnightCafe said...

I always enjoy your photos! You've had a busy week!

Elizabeth said...

I feel like I'm getting to know you better, too! If only we could go to dinner, we'd have so much to talk about.

We don't have any snow (it's in the 60's today!), but your life is so much like mine: piles of laundry, markers on the furniture, boys who like to fight.

I love seeing your pictures!

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Oh, I forgot you lived up north where it has been so INSANELY cold. I'm grew up in the Midwest, so I love snow, but even that looks like a little much for me. :)

And YES - thank God for washable markers.

Kazzy said...

Once my friend turned HER back for a minute and her toddler had used a wood stain stick all over the furniture, the baby AND the dog. Not washable.

Loved your photos. You did indeed look happy to go out with your friend! You earned it! And the shot of Miles with the weapon? Love the intensity!

Lisa said...

Yeah, we aren't very good at packing up after fall, either.

And baby its cold outside here in CT, too!

Wendi @ Every Day Miracles said...

Sorry, but I had to laugh at the marker art on your beautiful couch. I only laughed after I read that they were washable though. :)My life is full of those kinds of experiences...
I could also greatly relate to the joy radiating from your expression in the picture of you walking out the door... :)I went to a movie and dinner with friends Wednesday night and it was such awesomness. I like to miss my kids every now and then. I am a much better mommy that way. :)

LuAnn said...

Great Pictures!!! I love the goggles and gun picture. My son was crazy about spider man. He use to tell me he had powers in in eyes.

t h a i t r a i t said...

Whoa...nice blue streaks. And quite the little sharpshooter you have there. So serious!

Anonymous said...

Oh MY! I think I would have had a heart attack about the couch. Note to self: only buy washable art products until Anja is 17!

Dice, my friend, dice.

sara said...

ok, i really now have to learn farkle!!

the couch......yes, thank goodness it was washable!!!

great pics....and thanks again for saving me today! You're the best!

charrette said...

I have a mountain of laundry about triple the size of yours. So proud of you for conquering that!

Oh my gosh, and that MARKER MESS! Thank heaven it came out! I'm glad you got a chance to go out yourself after all that.

We are the biggest Farkle fans at our house. We made about 35 farkle sets last Christmas for neighbor gifts and it was the hugest hit! They started these roving farkle tournaments ... a couples' night out complete with dinner and trophies. Hilarious. I'm glad you guys are into it there too!

a Tonggu Momma said...

I had grand plans to join you in your endeavor. Grand plans that fell by the wayside during week two. Sigh. Loved YOUR photos, though.

beckyjomama said...

my laundry mound is on my couch! Gotta love it ... once it is DONE!!!

That Girl in Brazil said...

My boys have been known to use the BIBLE as a gun.

Is that blasphemous?

Tooj said...

Die for singular, dice for plural. :)

The marker thing reminded me of the time my son was in a wedding, and I volunteered my stupid self to "keep an eye on him and the flower girl" before the wedding, as pics were going on, etc. I was thinking it'd be easy, right? I had brought crayons and my 4 year old is actually very mature in his instruction taking. "Keep these away from your clothes or else." He was fine. But the flower girl..wearing white of course!!...had purple streaks all over the front. LOVE washable. Went to the bathroom, soaped up a paper wipe, and scrubbed it out in two seconds. PHEW.

Lara said...

The laundry mound on my bed looks exactly like yours. I feel like if I put it there, that I will HAVE to fold it before I can go to bed. Too bad for me that my husband has no qualms about shoving it all on the floor when he wants to watch TV. Sigh.

Heidi Ashworth said...

Hmmmm, I am going to have to find out what this Farkle is. Clearly it has saved your sanity. That pile of snow, that pile of laundry, that pile of blue--yikes!

Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

Oh my gosh! I have a post from when I first started blogging where my youngest marked himself up ROYALLY! I called the post "Sir Marks Alot" lol

And I bear that exact same expression when I get to go out and be me with some friends! How fun!

Oh, and my boys will make a gun out of a banana. Weird, isn't it?

Kim said...

Oh I love farkle...I should teach it to Seth, I bet he'd love it.
We know ALL about the weapons at my house (remember light sabers??). It is funny having a boy and a girl. She is more inclined to play with guns if he is already playing with light sabers (she has to be Princess Leia or Padme with a gun) but she doesn't just pick up any random thing and turn it into a weapon like he does.
I hear you about the cold. But, if I got the chance to go out with a friend and NO KIDS, I would be ALL over that!

Lisa @ Crazy Adventures in Parenting said...

Hmm, must check out this game you speak of. We're game-addicts.

It is bone-chilling cold everywhere. I hope it gets warmer soon. *hugs*

Beautiful pictures, sweetie :) The blue marker one could've come from my house, no joke.

Eowyn said...

Farkle huh? I'm so finding out about this game.

Blue on the couch. . .I hate those moments. My couch isn't so easy to clean. Thankfully it's older than tar and I don't care about the occasional blue spot. I'll be buying a new one eventually and better to destroy this one in my children's youth than a nice new one.

Great pictures.

Dena said...

Love the pictures and trust me when I say you will look back someday with fond memories of the blue on the couch.

Great job tackling your laundry. If you're still motivated, care to come try to climb my Mt. Washmore? LOL

kel said...

I love those pics! I am so jealous of your snow!! and now, I am very intrigued with this game Farkle!!

Jillene said...

It is such a boy thing. My son could turn anything into a gun or a car or a dump truck or a fire truck....you get the idea!!

Rebecca said...

So glad that marker was washable!

I hope you enjoyed your night out a whole lot!

Megan@SortaCrunchy said...

I cannot even tell you how many times a week I say, "Thank you GOD for washable markers!!!"


Kimberly said...

Love the openness of this post!

You look so cute all excited to go and play like that!

Debbie said...

Asher is going to be a famous artist!

Peanut said...

Brrrrrr! It does look cold there!

How did our parents survive without washable markers and mr. clean magic erasers?

I recently went out for a ladies' night with some of my (childless) friends... I'm pretty sure they were all thinking, "this girl is WAY too excited about going out for sushi!"

Growin' with it! said...

miles looks like that kid off of "christmas story" all bundled up like that!! and the gun issue...gave up a long time ago. but sometimes i look out our window into the cul de sac and wonder if anyone was afraid to drive in here. it's usually some sort of war going on w/ sound affects and all!

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