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Posted on Friday~February 20, 2009

Prairie Mama

Do you?

If you do, maybe you've already heard that Kim of Prairie Mama is one of the finalists in the running to win a FREE RIDE to the BlogHer convention this summer in Chicago. If you hadn't heard, I'm telling you now because I'd LOVE to see my friend Kim win this trip. Kim's post about why she blogs moved her into the finals of the Mabel's Labels BlogHer contest, and now we can help her win the whole deal with a simple vote.

So please take just a moment to CLICK HERE and vote for Prairie Mama. If she wins, I'll give you all FIVE DOLLARS. OK, I lied. I won't give you five dollars, but if you were in my kitchen (where I am right now) and we found out that Kim won, I'd definitely give you a HIGH five. Or maybe even a hug. Unless you aren't a hugger. Then I would just leave you alone.

Kim really does deserve to win this trip. So thank you for helping out!

****Update: Voting for the contest is now closed.

Let's wish Kim the best of luck!***


Did you notice that purple ribbon in my sidebar? NO? Why? You don't study sidebars? Weird.

Well, there's a purple ribbon there. Putting that ribbon on my blog was super easy and it also gave the Alzheimer's Association 10 bucks. JUST FOR PUTTING IT THERE.

My Grandma Helen died of Alzheimer's many years ago. She was only 73 when the complications of this disease took her life. But she was gone long before that. We watched this once bright teacher, who solved the puzzles on Wheel of Fortune at the speed of light, suddenly forget the most basic of things. It started with the day of the week, and then how to eat a hamburger, and soon our names had left her memory.

And then a few years later, her husband, my Grandpa Glenn, followed in her footsteps. We said goodbye to him after years of his absence last May.

I hope and pray that one day Alzheimer's disease will be a thing of the past. I'm happy to do a small thing to help raise money for the fight.

If you'd like to join in, you can get your purple ribbon here or here.

(That second link is a ticket straight to a good laugh, by the way. Because it brings you to Carol's blog, She Lives. And not only is that woman an excellent writer, she's also hilarious.)


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C said...

Because of your Grandfather, I will forever love the Number 8.

Even though neither of us really know why... :)

xo, crock

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