Present Tense

Wednesday~November 25, 2009

Does it seem that being present is something that comes easy for me? I write here about the beauty in the mundane, the joy of having children amidst the backdrop of chaos, and I mean what I say. But maybe it appears that being present, especially with my boys, is a gift of mine. The truth is that I struggle immensely with it, this ability to remain in the moment, focused.

I know I also write about my struggles with depression every now and again, and occasionally I write about actually running out the door to escape the whining and mess, but for the most part my posts are goodness and light, and that might make it seem that I'm constantly in that state of being present, of seeing through my heart's eyes.

I was interviewed over on A Design So Vast on this subject, hence my thoughts here today. The questions got me thinking about how I come across and why, and reminded me that it is such a lovely thing, saying it like it is, answering questions with raw honesty. It connects us when we confess openly what we struggle with, and maybe even why. Not all the gory (how DO you spell gory?) details need sharing, but a simple expression of our struggle can free someone else to share their own, feel more known, more normal, less alone. And that's good stuff.

You can check out the interview Present Tense by visiting my lovely friend at A Design So Vast.

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