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Obviously, I could not think of a title for this post.

Allison called me to let me know. (Because she is so often my brain and has figured out by now that I would most likely be oblivious if left on my own without her brain.) Her message said,
You've been nominated in two categories for a BlogLuxe Award. I just wanted you to know they have your link wrong on the site. Congratulations! (Of course, her lovely humility prevented her from also telling me that she herself is nominated in 2 categories.) (GO ALLISON!)

All I heard was, "You've been nominated." And then I was just completely confused. Me? Huh? Wha?

I found out my (also nominated-for Rage Against the Minivan) friend Kristen (thank you, lady) is one of the people who nominated The Extraordinary Ordinary for this lovely thing~

(this is a picture I stole from the very deservingly nominated, Casey of Moosh in Indy who had the photo from the amazing picture-taking machine, Beth (also nominated since she rocks.))
(Also. I'm not nominated in the Eye Candy category, but you get the idea-it's a picture of the awards.)

I'm going to cut to the chase now, folks. Cut to the chase...what a weird phrase. Is that a phrase, or am I making two different phrases into a new phrase like we have a tendency to do in our family...

Sheesh, I don't know...I can't remember, and you'd think I would, it's not brain rocketry.

Anyway. It truly is an honor to be nominated along-side the crew of amazing bloggers/friends in my two categories (Most Inspiring Blog and Blog You've Learned the Most From).

*cutting to the chase cutting to the chase*

Last night I sent out a mass email begging for votes. And now I want to stick forks in my head for doing that. At the time, I didn't see that Violence Unsilenced is also nominated in the Inspirational category.

So hear me now, friends.

This is not just a ploy to get you to think that I'm soooo kind and altruistic, asking you to vote for someone else in an effort to make you think I'm so awesome that you'll actually still vote for me in the end. NO. (Let's all just pretend that made sense, I'm in a rush.)

I honestly believe any of the sites nominated deserve to win and I'd be happy for whoever does win. This blogging thing is not a big deal to the majority of the world, but to a blogger who shares their life, their stories and truths on the worldwide web, this nomination is an honor. It's a nod of recognition for heart-words and that rocks.

That said, I want your votes for Violence Unsilenced because it is a truly beautiful and important place in a way that makes it stand up and out while it screams love and redemption. It is the voice for people who may have had no other way of telling their truths, their stories of abuse. That, my friends, is a beautiful thing that deserves to be recognized because with truth-telling comes freedom. This is one way we could all thank Maggie for creating and moderating that space for all the right reasons.

Please go vote for Violence Unsilenced in the Most Inspiring Blog category:

The voting page is self-explanatory. You just click on the dot next to Violence Unsilenced. Then click submit at the bottom of the page. At that point you'll be asked for your email address. This is safe. They will not sell your email-it's only to ensure that people only vote one time per daily. You'll then get an email in which you click on the confirmation and then your vote counts. Easy peasy. Do it every day. Please.

(Dad and Grandma and Auntie Kay, don't worry. You can still vote for me for Blog You've Learned the Most From if you'd like. Because let's be honest...people have learned a lot here. Like how I only grow hair in one armpit and I've showered with a tarantula. Really important stuff.)

(And hopefully a little something about addiction or motherhood or faith or life or Peeps marshmallow birdies.)

Let me say it again. I'm so honored to be nominated. In my silly mass email, I said that I'm especially honored to be nominated along-side the blogging equivalent of Meryl Streep. A whole bunch of Meryl Streeps. Truly. Honor. The End.

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Thank you, friends.

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