Creative Alliance '10: what is was and what it wasn't with a pretty song and pretty pictures

I like to just say it like it is. So here's the dealio. Word on the social media street is that the Creative Alliance event was thought to be some kind of elitist thing. There was an impression that there were secret invitations sent out and that everything about it was exclusive and somehow fancy.

That's okay. Those are the misconceptions that happen all the time with this kind of thing or that kind of thing or all things.

In reality, this event was more of an experiment than anything else and therefore it was casual and profoundly simple in the best kind of organic-focus-on-what-matters kind of way. As a member of the team that was involved in making it happen (I take only a very very small bit of credit for that), I can admit that none of us really knew anything except that we trust Lee and her vision and her heart.

As it turns out, there really aren't words to describe what being in this particular space (Calliote Canyon) with these particular people was like. It was simply music-slideshow-worthy, so here you go:

(Seriously. Watch it. Because there's something for everyone in it, even if you weren't there. I hope. And also, it took me a long time. So please pretend that the resolution of some of the pictures didn't get all wonky. Because that was driving me crazy.)

Okay then. I give you...

song by Mindy Gledhill - whole wide world on Anchor

I really really hope there's a next time.
And now I must thank Lynn from Moji and Kirsten from Paper Culture. These two companies were truly the perfect match for this event and we appreciate them so much. And I am not just saying this because they showed up and supported we social media GENIUSES...but because I truly love their companies and their missions and you should totally check out their products because the holiday season is coming and you won't be disappointed!

For realio.

And lastly, Lee, thank you for your vision and drive, for making Creative Alliance '10 in Ojai a reality. As one of my first connections in bloglandia, you openly accepted me, my quirks and my ability to cry at the drop of a hat right along with you. I'm so thankful for the chance to know someone who encourages me strive to be more, the way that you do. You help me believe in me, and that's priceless. You may not realize this, but you've taught me so much simply by being the confident, brilliant, empathetic, lovely woman that you are. Thank you for being my friend. Because that's what we are, dude, no matter how strangely we met.

The End.

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