titles are for suckers (at least that's what I say when I can't think of one)

7 days since my last post. Now that's a record. I am far too wordy for this kind of blog break.

I spent Thursday through Sunday of last week in Ojai California for the Creative Alliance event. I'm so rarely speechless, but friends, this experience has left me speechless indeed. Therefore, I'm working on a creative way to share the memories with few words. Which is to say that I'm working on a bit of a project. Which is to say I'm doing something I don't really have time to do. Which is to say that nothing much has changed about me.

Except a lot of things.

Yes. Dare I say that this past weekend was life-changing? Because it wasn't just helpful and informative about all things social media, it was inspiring and encouraging, centering and affirming. It was about personal strengths and goals and believing. It was about life and soul sister friendship. It was just so good.

Apparently I found some words. Go figure. I just can't stop myself.

For now I'm simply popping in to say HELLO and to let you know that Nicci from Changing the Universe won the I_Blog conference pass! Congratulations, Nicci! Random.org really likes you. And so do I!

I hope your weekend was good, too. If you have a moment, tell me something good that happened, big or little, doesn't matter.

Happy Monday. (Is that an oxymoron? I hope not.)

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