Bapa Pocket

Miles has three grandpas so sometimes it can be confusing for a little guy. When he was smaller, he thought of my dad, Mike, as Bapa Pocket. This is because my dad almost always has a shirt on with a breast pocket. In that pocket you can always find a pencil and gum. Nothin' better than that when you're a toddler! It's Bapa Pocket's birthday so we're heading out to Spicer. Miles LOVES to go to Nanny and Bapa's house. There's a four-wheeler and the neighbors have horses and that could be even more exciting than a pocket with gum in it. But I think what all four of Bapa Pocket's grandsons love even more than all of these things is the man behind the pocket. He doesn't have to do much to win their affection. Or mine. Or my sister's. Or my mom's.... he's just one of those people. You know the kind. You feel good after you've been near them. You're not sure why, but you do. I can list a hundred reasons why he's so loveable and still not be able to articulate what it is that makes him special. He's quiet a lot of the time but has great one-liners. He gets your jokes and laughs at them. He really listens to you and thinks about what you're saying. He's supportive in a way that makes you feel you'll never be alone, no matter what life may throw at you. There's so much more to say about my dad today and everyday. I'm so glad he's the one that was chosen for the role he has in our family. I'm frazzled today and behind schedule and need to leave to go to Spicer for his birthday. I would really like more time to say more about this birthday man, but life doesn't allow much time today. Bapa Pocket will understand.

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