Navel Gazing

So today is one of those really good days. Both of the boys have been sleeping since around 1pm and it's now almost 4pm!!!! I am in shock and don't quite know what to do with myself. I got an extra long visit with Kate, which is one of the best things in life. If you don't know her, you should, she's a real catch. I got time to snoop around on the internet and talk with Ryan on the phone. In short, I got a little time for myself. That's always good for a mom. Somehow it does leave me feeling a bit guilty, but I'm starting to realize that's a bit ridiculous. I've been realizing that feeling sorry for myself or feeling guilty (2 of my favorite old hobbies) is just another way of focusing too much on myself. Ryan would call it navel-gazing. I DON'T want to be a navel-gazer. I'd never heard selfishness described in this way until Ryan said it one day (not about me or he would have been in big trouble!). What a good analogy. I don't really want to be looking down at my own belly (especially after two kids). I don't see much of what's going on when I do that. I don't see the needs of others around me OR the beauty that sorrounds us when I'm checking out the navel lint. The lint is not pretty, it's actually pretty disgusting, not to mention not that interesting. So I've decided I should look up much more often. Right into the navels of others! I love how when we do that, we end up helping someone that we notice needs us. Then our "stuff" (or lint) in comparison, seems so very small.
Thanks for partaking in another Heather ramble. I love a good rambling outlet.

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