The Big Reveal

Here I am with my new haircut. Isn't it cute? I told you I would look ten pounds lighter! Okay, so it's not me. It's Tyra from Friday Night Lights and we now have the same hair. At least the way the stylist made it look. I will never again repeat how she made it look, I'm confident of that, but I got to look like Tyra for a day anyway and that was fun. I can NEVER make my hair look the way the stylists make it look after they cut it. They can give me the tutorial about how to blow dry it, how to use the round brush and what kind of product to put in it, and I still cannot repeat the cuteness. It kind of confuses me actually. I mean how hard can it be? It doesn't look that hard while they're doing it. I always have this confidence that I can DO it. Then I try the next day and end up looking the same as I did before the haircut. Anyway, at least it's a new style, something different. Different is always fun for me.
Happy Balemtime's Day by the way. Miles says Valentine's this way and I love it. He has no clue why his friends at school gave him little cards and candy, but he doesn't care WHY (for once), as long as he got to bring the candy home!
So here's what else these boys have been up to:
Miles - I told him the other day that I had to go get some "mommy things" done. He retorted, "yeah, and I need to get some Miles things done."
He is saying such funny things and developing a wonderful sense of humor. This morning, I came out of the bedroom and he looked at my hair and said, "mommy, are you Julie?" Julie is someone he knows with short hair. He was smirking and trying not to giggle when he said it, making a joke. I started laughing and the giggles came, while he looked at me like, "that was a good one, huh?"
Asher is sitting up pretty much on his own now. Not that big of news, you say? Well, I guess to me it is because it marks time once again. Even though the last seven months have been a bit rocky, he too is growing up so fast. Mackenzie and Ellorie came over today and I put Asher in the high chair and it shocked Mackenzie a bit. She commented on how it doesn't seem possible that he'd be old enough to sit up in the high chair on his own. I know!
So here's a photo of Asher and Ellorie's first Valentine's Day together:
And here's a photo of what happens nearly every time I bake:
Now what this is supposed to be is "cherry pudding." It is supposed to be light brown and kind of brownie like. Not black and soupy. oops. Baking powder and baking soda are not the same thing.

And finally, here it is, the true big reveal. but only because there are a couple of pushy fellow bloggers out there that want to see the glasses and haircut and I promised. It feels so strange and quite nerdy to post this hammy photo of myself, but I guess I'll keep my word..it's cuter in real life i promise oh this is ridiculous i can't stand it gotta go bye

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Sabrina said...

Heather! you look amazing! I love it!!! Happy Valentine's Day!

k & k said...

Tsssssss! You have specs appeal!

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