A Bit Nutty

On Friday we passed through another parenting rite of passage. It was a tricky one, but not awful. Wanna know what it was? Let's call it the, "there's something up my nose" rite of passage. In our case, a nut. Now before you imagine a huge shelled peanut up Milesy's tiny little nose, I will clarify that this was a nut of the "nuts and bolts" variety. Ryan and Miles came up from the basement and Ryan said, "I think we need to talk to mommy." I initially panicked, but got it together quite quickly. Then we couldn't figure out if we should call the doctor, or try to get the thing out ourselves. I kept an eye on Miles while Ryan looked for the proper extracting tools. I started to get pretty nervous at the thought of us trying to extract something from one of our child's orifices so I called my sister, who said we shouldn't try to get it out ourselves and to call the Pediatrician. So, we stopped frantically trying to come up with our own magical tool, and I brought Miles into his regular clinic. We waited there for over an hour, only to have the Dr. say she didn't have the right tool and that we needed to head to the ear, nose, and throat specialist. Okay, fine. So we went home for lunch and a short nap. Then we were off to the doctor again, only this time we arrived one and a half hours before we needed to be there because of a clinic mix-up and how far the Dr. was running behind. 45 minutes early, 45 minutes on top of that due to behindness, and then another 1/2 hour in the exam room for good measure. What fun! Anyway, when we finally were seen, it was quick and easy and the nut was free! Miles was SO good at having something removed from his nose! The doctors at both places mentioned that he was the best little guy they ever had to nose dig on. He really is something else, that boy. I don't even know exactly how to describe what a resilient little person he is. He is remarkable and I am so glad that he's mine. This will make for a good story. We have the nut back at home now, currently taped to a tongue depressor.
That's what we did for Leap Day. I hope he doesn't plan on making it exciting in this way every four years. On Leap Day, 2012, Miles will be almost seven.

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Sabrina said...

I got your message about your little adventure... i did chuckle a little, because i have been there, but i was babysitting someone elses kid! YIKES!
I am watching LOST tonight... I promise!

Jessie said...

I'm glad that this is one adventure that we have not been on. But at least it all ended well... and those never-ending doctor visits are always such a joy.

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