He's Curious

We recently got a Curious George book from the library. It's one of the old ones, so George even smokes a pipe in it (the HORROR). I got to thinking as we were reading this book tonight before bed. I've always loved Curious George, especially since Miles came along and fell in love with him too. I realized tonight that I get such a kick out of George because he's the monkey version of my son. The books and show on PBS always open with, "George is a good little monkey, and he's VERY, very curious." I love it that this repetitive statement makes sure to point out that George is good, even if he gets in lots of trouble. Because the endearing thing about George is that he is so good and sweet, you just can't be mad at him.
I love the relationship between George and the "Man with the Yellow Hat." I love that George is so crazy about this man, and I love that "yellow hat" is so forgiving of George because he loves him back. Not to mention the cute sounds George makes....
But I was saying. Miles is George.He is the most curious child I have ever known. He notices everything that's new to him and desperately needs to know how everything works. He is compelled to know, and will not give up, until he figures out every which way something might be used. This actually bodes quite well for his creativity and imagination. I'll never forget his eighteen month appointment at the pediatrician, when he went over to the exam table and undid the stirrups, laying them on the ground. The doctor's mouth dropped open and she said he was the most coordinated little guy she had ever seen at that age. What I couldn't believe was that he would feel the need to take the friggin' stirrups off the table! That's just who he is though, so busy and curious, he just has to take things apart to look at how they work. He just has to open things up and see what's inside. He just has to try coloring on any surface to see what it will look like. He just has to know WHY. He just has to touch everything that he's never touched before, even if it looks real yucky, just to know what it feels like. He just has to see if things will fit up his nose...
Yeah, sometimes this whole having to try things thing really wears on my patience. But the thing is, most of the time, I feel like George's Man with the Yellow Hat. I love to see Miles learn and grow. I love that he's so curious because it does mean he's creative, imaginative, confident and bright. Not only that, but he's like George in his intentions. He does not intend to be naughty, he really doesn't! He just simply loves experimenting and doesn't know that sometimes his escapades cause some trouble. Just like every episode of George, Miles' adventures always turn out just fine in the end. It never fails with George that causing some BIG problem or mess always ends with someone seeing something differently, or opening their own creative eyes. That's what Miles consistently does for me. He reminds me that I can act silly every once and awhile and it's okay, even if it makes a mess.
It is a joy to have Miles around because of this constant curiosity about life and the world. He never stops moving and never stops talking, he cannot play alone for long because he's often off "being curious." But he's a good little monkey, and every day he's there to remind me that the world is a very interesting place to be explored.
As the opening song to Curious George says, "He's curious... and that's marvelous."

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Sabrina said...

Miles is swell! I heart him!

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