Too Carried Away

We've been away for a couple of days. To Spicer we went on Tuesday, with Mackenzie, Olivia and Ellorie. We came back today after a whirlwind of activity and time with Nanny and Bapa. They are good to us, and we are thankful.
Mackenzie and I got to see friends Jenna and Kelly for dinner last night. Jenna shared her BIG news - she's pregnant with number 3!!!! It's so exciting. Wow. Mackenzie said, "you are so brave." And that's just it. She is. That is one of the many words to describe Jenna. She is brave, and she's a great mom. Another baby will be happy to have her!
The boys and I also got to see my Grandma, who was brave enough to travel snowy roads to come and see us. Thanks G'ma! It always feels so good to see her and laugh with her. This time, she gave me the giggles when saying that she doesn't want us to get too complimentary at her funeral! She said, ''a couple of nice things are fine, but don't get too carried away." Then she added that we could throw in a couple of the bad things too and she won't care cause she'll be gone...
Oh Grandma, I just love you. She's right though, people usually are "really great after their gone." I love it that she's making sure that isn't the case with her. Not that she isn't great, because she is. But because she doesn't want to be glorified, and that's refreshing. Most people could sit and think for hours about an adoring eulogy, defining the best parts of themselves and their lives. But not her. Grandma would rather not be all puffed up like that. I think that's something to be admired.
There is so much going on right now I'm not even sure what to write about. So I'll leave it at this.
I have to narrow down what to write on these days. So many thoughts going through this nutty head of mine.
So pick a topic:
1. Cole the Turtle.
2. the 30's, the second 'tween-age. Or,
3. The beautiful inter-weaving of life.

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Sabrina said...

Let't hear your take on 30's...
i hope mine are better than my 20s!

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