No More Toothless Grin for Him!

My friend Emily is an excellent photographer. She is quite the talent at this endeavor. I just wanted to mention this in case you'd like some really cool lookin' pics. Click on her name to see her totally awesome web-site.
Now on to the BIG news of the day...
ASHER HAS ENTERED THE LAND OF THE CHEWING!!!He has three teeth coming in at once. Poor guy. But gettin' it all done quickly, I guess. I had been feeling his gums all morning, thinking something may be happening. But I've been thinking that for about three months. Then Katie came over. She was with Asher when I went to pick up Miles from school. When I got back she said she could see one and a half teeth coming in. And you can feel one on the other side too. I couldn't believe that within one morning they popped out. It's so crazy! Babies have to go through so much. No wonder he woke up four times last night. That must really stinkin' hurt. He has been a total trooper, not too crabby, giggling like crazy when Miles does silly stunts.
Another big feat has been accomplished in the King household. Go team.

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