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Posted on Wednesday~March 25, 2009
I apologize for how cramped this post is, but blogger apparently hates the Enter key today. ARGH!
Thank you all so much for your comments, thoughts and prayers for our neighbors. I love so many things about the blog world, but I think my favorite is the way people spread the word and encourage each other. To the non-blogger, it might seem strange to truly care about someone you've never met, but people are totally capable of it. I've experienced it more than once. Thank you.
I hope to have something light and funny to share with you soon, but today isn't that day.
I'm sure many of you know about Stellan. If you haven't heard, he's back in the hospital and his little heart is just not working right. I've been following MckMama's tweets and posts and my heart breaks for their struggle. This family is living the most terrifying kind of roller coaster ride. If you'd like to be a support to them, please click on the picture in my sidebar or one of the links above to visit My Charming Kids.
Many of you know that I also closely followed (and continue to follow) Tuesday's story. If I can play just a small part in passing on the word about these precious kids, I will do it.
I don't know what it's like to lose a child (or to nearly lose a child). I only know that when I got the call about Asher after his first catscan, and the nurse told me that we needed to see a neurosurgeon right away, I didn't initially know why. I waited 45 minutes to hear why, and I'll never forget the crippling fear, the thoughts that raced through my head. I allowed myself to ask the question, "Am I going to lose him?"
No, we didn't lose him. What he has is "fixable." But in those moments, I was changed. I don't know why some people get the worst kind of news and some people don't. But I'm someone who does believe that there is a much bigger picture than we can comprehend. I also know that doesn't ease the pain. I want a miracle every time. I'm slowly starting to learn that there are miracles every time, no matter what the outcome is. I finally started to grasp that fact when mothers like Jessica Kate (Tuesday's mom), Angie, and Jennifer(MckMama) have said that they have peace, at least on some level, peace. That seems like a miracle to me.
I'm going to take a little time away from blogging (except for checking in on Stellan.) Thank you again for visiting me and for your encouragement. You rock.
I'll see ya when we're back from our little vacay at the rents. (Translation for Grandma: I'll see you when we're back from our little vacation at my parent's house.)
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